Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Our institutions of higher education do not exist in a vacuum. Powerful systemic forces shape our beliefs, how we communicate with one another, the questions we investigate, and the content we teach. In my interactions with colleagues, peers, mentees, and students, I intend for people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives be valued and that diversity be viewed as a strength.

I strive to promote the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion through my research, teaching, and service work. Here are some actions that demonstrate my commitment to upholding these values:

  • Challenging the tacit assumption that average effects apply to all learners in my research by conducting analyses of individual differences when appropriate

  • Increasing access and engagement in psychological research by disseminating findings to broad audiences, especially education stakeholders

  • Designing and teaching courses that are accessible to all students by applying a universal design

  • Creating and implementing workshops for undergraduate and graduate students on the "hidden curriculum" and other topics that can serve as barriers to persisting in academia

  • Empowering and fostering a sense of belonging among a diverse group of scholars through my creative activities

  • Advocating for the next generation of psychological scientists within my department, institution, and professional organizations

  • Continuing my education on DEI issues by seeking out and participating in evidence-based symposia and trainings and sharing what I've learned with my community