Michelle L. Rivers

Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow | Learning Scientist

I am a Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow in the Metacognition, Memory, & Aging lab (PI: Dr. Uma Tauber) at Texas Christian University.

Broadly, my research applies theories of learning and memory to enhance educational practice. I am particularly interested in investigating factors that contribute to students' metacognitive judgments and how people manage their own learning. My work has been published in cognitive and educational psychology outlets, including Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, Contemporary Educational Psychology, and Educational Psychology Review. In addition, my research has been recognized by the American Psychological Association and the Psychonomic Society.

I completed my Ph.D. at Kent State University under the mentorship of Dr. John Dunlosky in the Metacognition and Education Lab. Prior to my graduate studies, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology (with distinction) from UC Santa Cruz, where I conducted research in Dr. Benjamin Storm's Memory Lab. Following graduation, I worked as a research assistant in Dr. Timothy Rickard's Cognition Lab and taught and tutored K-college students.

I am passionate about science communication and outreach. I currently manage a blog (cogbites.org) where early-career academics work together to translate scientific research about the study of mental processes to the general public. I am also a Digital Associate Editor for the Psychonomic Society's Featured Content Blog. I am a member of the APAGS Convention Committee and an early-career representative for Division 3 of APA (Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science). When I'm not doing research, I enjoy making music, traveling, and connecting with nature.