In my free time, I enjoy traveling, connecting with nature, trying new recipes, figure skating, listening to podcasts, and spending time with friends and family.

Carousel imageClose up of Northern CardinalMichelle standing in front of a waterfall in Mount Rainier National ParkTortilla soupMichelle and her sister holding up matching moss-based art projectsCoastline in Santa Cruz, CaliforniaCarousel imageMichelle sitting on a San Francisco staircase covered in nature-themed tile mosaicCarousel imageChocolate croissant and bowl of fruit overlooking a cafe windowCarousel imageQueen Anne's lace facing the sunMichelle and her mom in matching tree t-shirtsEmbroidery with flowers and text reading, "Hold on, let me overthink this"Homemade lemon pancakes with blueberriesCarousel imageColorful fall leaves placed in a row on a logSmall plant growing in rocky terrainRound statue silhouette against party cloudy skyAvocado toast with red pepper flakes, tomatoes, and arugula