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When you put it that way, I'll remember it! Framing effects on memory for important information. [Link]

Wait... Does Stanley have a moustache? I'd remember if we were from the same race. [Link]

The dark side of older adults' motivation to do well in the lab. [Link]

Food for thought: What happens in the brain when you eat the whole bag of chips? [Link]

Where is your mind: Who is mind wandering in class and what does this mean for learning? [Link]

It's about time: People can learn temporal information automatically. [Link]

Blue or blew? Homophones can tell use about working memory strategies. [Link]

Guest Blog Posts

Increasing research transparency in psychological science: How can graduate students participate? gradPSYCH Blog. [Link]

How does testing affect related, untested content? Learning Scientists Blog. [Link]

How test expectancy promotes learning. Learning Scientists Blog. [Link]

Three-Minute Thesis Presentation

Experience is the best teacher: Guiding students to appreciate effective learning strategies. [Link]